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Toddlerz and Tiaras! Magical weekday fun!

What can I expect from the class?


Toddlerz and Tiaras is a new fun 30 minute session for our littlest royals. Sessions will take place weekdays in term time only. Toddlerz and tiaras combines Music, singing, nursery rhymes, dancing, movement, bubbles, props, craft, imaginative play and storytelling.  Toddlerz and Tiaras is a fabulous introduction for your little one into the world of dance and a chance to make and meet friends! 


Themes will change from week to week. All of our OUAW teaching staff all undergo training, and have professional dance and teaching experience,striving to create a fun, friendly and inclusive experience for all of our little toddlerz! At the last week of term a special character guest joins us for certificate presentation week!


How do you use the class to teach my child?


One of our current class favourites is our “Waving my scarf” song that encourages our little royals to shake their scarf to music and stop when they hear the instruction. We use music to introduce your little royal to action words. Waving and stopping is a simple way to encourage little ones to follow one step of verbal direction. “STOP” instead of “NO” is a great action word to introduce to children from an early age. We are continually training and researching activities like this to bring education through play to your little one.


Which age group are the classes aimed at?


The recommended age for these classes is 18 months - 3 years of age based on our experience this is the age range likely to get the most out of the class.



Toddlerz and Tiaras
Toddlerz and Tiaras
Imaginative play
Toddlerz and Tiaras

Do I have to join in with the class?


Toddlerz and Tiaras offers you valuable bonding time with your little royal- through adult-led activities. There is nothing more positive for a child's imagination than an interested and engaged grown up.

We know our little ones learn best through observation and example so we really do encourage you to join in with the class as shared activity really does bring its own rewards. 

This is your weekly opportunity for together time allowing your child to feel nurtured, engaged and encouraged whilst having fun with you too!  


When and where are classes?


We currently have two locations running Toddlerz and Tiaras;


9:45 - 10:15 & 11:00 - 11:30 Wednesdays at The Emporium, Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells. 


10:00 - 10:30 Tuesdays at Avocuddle Playroom, Greenwich, London.


How can I book?


Send an email with the subject “Toddlerz and Tiaras” for more information on how to book; We have spaces as soon as tomorrow 26th April available !!

Tunbridge Wells -

London -




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