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Tonbridge Castle | Kent | TN9 1BH 

Experience the wonder and magic of Halloween like never before, within the enchanting walls a real castle! 

This two-hour experience is a theatrical journey filled with a delightful blend of craft activities, captivating performances, games, dancing, photo opportunities, and much more. Our limited session sizes ensure an intimate and personalized adventure for all.

Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:

  • Enter the Witches' Training Center and meet Griselda the Witch as you participate in witch and wizard school, complete with wand training!

  • Follow the whimsical tale of Gertrude and Wanda as your little ones become part of their story.

  • Encounter beloved characters including the mischievous duo Mal and Evie, the Sleeping Princess, Cinders, and the one and only Maleficent plus many more!

  • Keep an eye out for our Spooky Stilt Walkers, perfect for those unforgettable photo opportunities.


So gather up your pumpkin squad, as it's time to embark on a spellbinding adventure like no other. Secure your spot now and get ready to experience Pumpkins and Pixie Dust like never before!



All media contained on this page is from last years event, Pumpkins and Pixiedust 2022. Once Upon a Wish Events LTD does not guarantee the appearance of any particular character, costume or activity at this event.


Please note that this year's activities and event layout have been tailored to the castle setting and may differ from last year's event at Groombridge Place. Unlike an all-day event, this is a two-hour session held within the castle, and entry into the castle is valid only for your pre-booked time. For the safety of all attendees, tickets are limited per session, and regrettably, the castle does not offer disabled access.  Buggies will not be permitted inside the venue so we highly recommend using slings or carriers for your teeny pumpkins. Please note that the event organizers reserve the right to modify the event lineup and activities. Additionally, to provide the best experience for everyone, we kindly request that each child be accompanied by a maximum of two adults.

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